Dec 292006

Pretty uneventful blog for today and yesterday…. yesterday we went to Tonsai beach and it pissed with rain so we had a beer and came back. Today we went to Railey in the afternoon (sisters anniversary and her hubby’s birthday…two years ago today we were all on a beach in Florida jigging with kilts on the beach, setting off fireworks pissed…well, the last bit was just me). Oh yeh I did get ‘New feet for the New Year’ today on the beach where they scrubbed my feet getting rid of all the wear and tear from 6 months of boots and sandals (nice thought eh?)

I much prefer the vibe at Tonsai – a lot more chilled but maybe boring after a while if you are not climbing a lot.

And that’s about it! Still no idea about New Year’s night yet but not fussed which way it goes – mad or quiet. Tomorrow (30th) is the last full day with the family as they all depart on the 31st, with the olds taking in the New Year in Bangkok airport!!

Heading on a boat trip to Hong Island on a chartered long tail boat tomorrow.

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