Dec 292006

Current ‘plans’ are …..dunno at New Years, depends if others are in touch with me, otherwise, it’ll be waving goodbye to family and whatever I find going on (but I’m not too fussed). On the 1st or 2nd I may head down to the far South West of Thailand and visit a couple fo islands in the national park there, and do a visa run to Malaysia before returning to Ao Nang to hook up with a mate on the 6th. From 8-15th I may travel to Koh Lanta with them, then *maybe* head over to Phuket to grab a liveaboard dive boat to the Similan Islands for a few days before heading over to see Koh Tao on the east coast. I hope to get quite a few dives in around this period, but it’ll empty my wallet, which is starting to empty way too quickly before I head East. On 6th Feb I need to be back in Sydney to fly to Australia.

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