Dec 012006

Mui Ne sanddunes :

Reluctantly we booked the open bus tour tickets from Ho Chi Minh (saigon) to Mui Ne, Dalat, Nah Trang and Danang. After trying to travel like locals in other countries I was a bit disappointed to be catching the tourist express bus. I went to the bus station yesterday to find out about local buses, but it’s just now as feasible, almost costs more, and takes longer than the Open Tour buses. Due to tie ins with accommodation providers along the way, they sell tickets from Saigon to Hanoi for $23!!! This also includes stops at the main points along the way.

After a few hours we were at the beach resort of Mui Ne which is a pretty non-descript 13km stretch of restaurants and accommodation. The beach goes on forever away round the coast. I can’t complain about my wee beachside bungalow though – more expensive than other places I’ve been to, but $10 brings me a 5 feet walk to the beach with sunloungers, and a great view of the kitesurfers. WiFi is pretty abundant here as well so you could be sitting on the beach browsing the web, and ideal base for a kitesurfing working nomad! Only now I need to find a job like that! I’m typing this up at the moment a stones throw from the sand, listening to the waves crashing down, which is also the sound that puts you to sleep at night.

You can get Wifi internet here :

We went for dinner at a place next to WindChimes, one of the surfing outlets and started speaking to a local waitress who introduced herself as coconut (at least her nickname), so I was given the nickname of Banana, largely due to my current addiction to Banana shakes (who wouldn’t at 23 pence a time!).

Kitesurfing :

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