Dec 062006

Leaving Delat tomorrow and heading to Hoi An. Vietnam way too rushed. Just kind passing through Nah Trangh (spelling?) as I’ve heard Hoi An is very similar to Luang Prabang which I loved.

Grabed a snack at a truly locals snacking ‘restaurant’ – some old wifie frying very little, but tasting great. First time in Vietnam, long overdue. I had watched a ‘Lonely Planet Food Guide – Vietnam’ the other night, downloaded back home, yet the local woman always grabbed the spring roll thingie and insisted to show me how to roll them properly, throwing in the fresh leaf herbs, etc, but obviously I wasn’t doing the local delicacy justice.

Lasting image of this evening, getting toasted and smashing beer glasses by a ed guy called Choi. He was with his family in a locals ‘spit-on-the-floor’ kinda classy joint.

He couldn’t have been older than 11.

More to write soon, given time.
Missing my small camera 🙁

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