Dec 192006

Well what can I say…it’s my last night in BKK. I’ve just went for dinner with the family, checked my email…and basically can’t be arsed to write anything.

Today has been pretty rushed…great plans of getting up, sitting by the pool, then hitting the dreaded shops after buying a tshirt, a new guidebook, getting my haircut.

The reality was getting up at 10am, waiting ages for breakfast while on wifi. Spending too much time on that. Rushing to throw my overweight luggage together. Checking in to another hotel, then traipsing around the Siam area looking for knock off CDs at rip off prices (compared to Vietnam) and hunting down overpriced cameras, and still being unsure of which one to buy.

I opted for an Canon IXUS 850IS, but was desperately wanting to purchase a Canon G7 but wasn’t sure if the bulk of it would frustrate me for shots in the pub. I mean even my newly tailored custom made jeans have pockets that are too small to get my notebooks in. Now I need to find an Ikelite waterproof housing that won’t fit the strobe flash I have been lugging around for months.

I left the new camera battery charging tonight, and already missed out a shot.

I went for a pee after the meal (a starter with meat and leaves, fish cooked in lime and chilli, then some of James’ Green Curry), and the urinal had a sign on it :

‘Out off work’. Amazing. Sounds like it usually gets paid for what it does.

Tomorrow I have to check out and head to the airport for 4pm, so no doubt I’ll sit by the pool (after watching the family head to Chiang Mai), check out, and rush around in the afternoon.

I need to get out of this place. Not because I’m ready for it, it’s just that there are too many temptations to spend money. I bought a second external hard drive as well – the first one is full already!

Good night.

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