Dec 102006

Yesterday was spent getting way too acquainted with the tailors shops and I ended up ordering 2 short sleeve shirts, 1 copy of a Mountain Hardwear shirt, a copy of a pair of trousers, board shorts, and jeans and a pair of cashmere trousers based on some linen trousers I got in Thailand last year. All this for a princely sum around $90. I spent a long time going round shops to find soft denim like my favourite old pair of jeans – of course I found this just after ordering a cheap pair, but they wouldn’t settle for less than $30 which is relatively very expensive here…but they had to be ordered too! $120 on clothes? Flashpacking! Not Backpacking!

I also started to fall in love with some bamboo rice dishes a lot of the shops are selling around town for $4-8 a set (bowl, plate and chopsticks). I spent the last two days considering sending these home but thought I’d sleep on it.

Prior to going around trying on some of the clothes so they could be finished off, we were off on a bike from the hotel for the day. After around 40 minutes we were at Cui Dai beach, which stretches around 30km up to Danang and more. It was a tad wild when there so we didn’t hang around and just went for a coffee then cycled around town. Cycling is the ideal way to see Hoi An as there is a lot tucked up side streets and some of the shopping is a bit of the beaten track, but worth finding. ‘Un’fortunately I ended up spotting a place selling ceramic versions of the bamboo bowls, at $3 for a bowl, plate and spoon it was less than half the price others quoted for bamboo… I never buy things for my flat at home as it’s just so expensive but I’m always tempted on holiday, especially in places like Asia. Dangerous!

Similar to Luang Prabang, Hoi An isn’t exactly the wildest place at night with most bars and restaurants dying around 11pm at this time of year, and well closed up by midnight. There’s not even a lot of places I’d describe as jumpign bars, although I’m sure they are around.

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