Dec 312006

I’m sitting here at 2pm on New Year’s Eve in the Krabi Ferry Passenger Terminal waiting on my boat to Koh Phi Phi. For those from the crowd at home (if any of you read this!?!) I’m away to meet ‘cockney Matt’ for the night and bring in New Year with him. He replied to a general xmas email saying he was flying out yesterday until the 3rd, so off to crash at his.

As all the best (or worst) goodbyes on this trip, my Happy New Year goodbye to my sister and mum (and James and Allan) were very brief, as I hopped on a songthaew shared taxi to Krabi….. and as I sit here I pick up an email to say mates are spending it in Ao Nang where I have just left…. bloody typical!

From Phi Phi I may head to Koh Lanta as a stop off to head to islands in the far south of Thailand, do a visa run, and back to Krabi to meet another mate on 6th!

Happy New Year wherever you are!!

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  1. Happy new year mate! All my very best wishes for 2007…wherever it may take you! 🙂

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