Dec 192006

Grand Palace :

Tomorrow I’m flying to Krabi with Jonathan I met in Vang Vieng in Laos. A couple of days later my folks and sister join me.
Ciara left to head back to the UK yesterday as well so it’s all a bit changeable for myself, kinda just crossing my fingers that we manage to find accommodation in Krabi!! Everywhere you can book is full.

Bangkok was and will be pretty much trying to avoid consumerism! I’ve still to buy a new small camera, and have been spending way too much money in comparison to other countries in SE Asia! I went to the Grand Palace again and a massage at Wat Po massage school, but this time got massaged by a lovely young Thai with soft delicate feet, not the big bruiser bloke I got last year!

Anyway, off to change hotels to be at the same one as my folks, so will write more soon – probably from Krabi!

Not sure which one felt more active when this was taken :

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  2 Responses to “Getting ready for the next phase…..”

  1. looking good as always. krabi is a nice place. have a blast there.

  2. LOL.. If you have your mozzie net and hammock you can sleep on the beach… thats what some of my friends plan to do.. Its Raleigh all over again!

    Have fun! IF I’m nuts I’ll see you there!

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