Dec 232006

I left the two guys this morning and took the long tail boat to Ao Nang beach for 60 Baht. As usual, you pay more money for a place and sometimes it’s not worth it. They were meant to sort a spare bed for me with my folks but said they were finished, so I went out and got my own accommodation for the same price with some stropppy bitch of an old woman! I wish I went to the more expensive smaller place instead!
I had got the times of my folks arrival so there was nothing else to do but take a bike to the dive supply shop (only to find they can’t get me a housing until 9th January – yuck), then swim in the sea and stroll back to town along the beach.

Anyway, I better go – I just got a text message and mum, stepdad, sister and husband are on the bus from the airport and I have strict orders to get the drinks ready for their arrival!

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