Nov 112006

Spent today tubing with a couple of girls I met climbing yesterday, and a girl who took my photo in Luang Prabang (small world, not an exciting explanation!). Reluctantly I plan on leaving tomorrow – I think that’s Sunday, not because I’m ready for it, just that I need to time wise to get through southern Laos in a whistle stop fashion! Yesterday I went climbing which was fantastic – great to get out on rock again. Tomorrow I have to fight with my mind as I know two seperate people going on various routes, and I’ve got to know three of the instructors well, (having drinks and eating at their restaurants) so I’m desperate to hang around and climb with them tomorrow but my schedule dictates otherwise. I’m also a tad jealous of Jane’s posting from the Red Cross in Luang Prabang as I want to be doing it too!

A big thanks to Amy, Zoe, Deb(s) and Joe for the last day or so of fun in Vang Vieng! In fact thanks to everyone I’ve met so far – Israeli, English, Irish, American, German, Argentinian, Spanish, Australian, Polish, New Zealand, French, and last but certainly not least Canadian (and the others I’ve missed)

I feel like a bit of a spoilt brat being out here and complaining about lack of time, but there’s just loads of things I’ll miss out on, and I’ve not been moving fast at all compared to some!

Advice for others travelling – save loads, buy a one way ticket, go on your own, and get people to fit into your plans ;->

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