Nov 102006

Sunset at Vang Vieng :

I can’t actually decide whether I like Vang Vieng or not….
On one hand it’s in an amazing setting with limestone cliffs all around, but on the other hand it’s in a shithole of a town, full of bars playing movies, Friends and the Simpsons! But to cater for the backpacker crowd there’s also some quite naff bars on the riverside, but it’s also pretty relaxing to sit by them and have a beer, one foot dangling in the river. Going price for a joint is 40,000Kip (don’t worry mum) and there’s a lot of that kicking around. If only Luang Prabang could have the activities like this and not be spoiled it’d be perfect.

But, I went climbing today. I’m don’t think it was value for money at $21 but it got me on rock, and I had a good time, despite being defeated by an overhang move, but hey, I haven’t climbed since May.

I’ve not had a chance to write posts about my recent circuit in North East Laos yet. I could easily spend a couple of months in Laos but I’ve got a real time dilemma about hitting Veitnam by the end of the month, with very limited time in Cambodia so I think I’ll have to move south the day after tomorrow, and take a killer overnight 24 hour bus journey south from Vientiene to Pakse, and that sucks! Too little time!

Rope swings at a tubing stop (right next to a climbing area called Sleeping Cave :

A riverside bar at the end of tubing :

Kids at a village on between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng :

Amy on a 6a? :

Me at the crux move on a 6b, before my not-used-to-climbing arms gave up :

Me just before the crux move :

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