Nov 132006

I took a while today (ok, 5 minutes) to think about what I’ll do when I get to Pakse. Being in Vientiene confirms it’s not cities that really ‘pump my nads’ to use my expression. If I arrive in time tomorrow I’m going to investigate hiring a motorbike and scooting around the vicinity, and maybe into the Bolaven Plateau for the day,then hope to get a share taxi later in the afternoon to Don Khong island so I can spend a night or two there before crossing into Cambodia.

The Bolaven Plateau is the home of Lao coffee, and it rocks!

Vientiene probably has more going for it that I give it credit for, but it’s just a peaceful wee city, with a fair amount of expats meeting in cafes. And more wats and temples, but I’m more than ‘watted out’ after the last few weeks. If you’re religious I’m sure they will mean more to you, but they are all similar after a while.

I went to the post office and airmailed a few early xmas gifts home (god that’s so unlike me) while I had a decent opportunity. It’s fricking expensive doing that here – $46 for a couple of kilos!!! So that’s around 8 times what the things cost, but hey ho.

Anyway, stayed up late writing blog entries and organising my pictures quite a bit so better go and post them! I could do with a whole day doing that here, but I’ll move on. It’s the first chance I have had to look through them for ages. I also spent a bit of time looking through a couple of volunteering (i.e. cashinteering is a crap term I made up as you have to pay for it) possibilities in Nepal for next October – only for a short term, but yet something else to go through my mind once I raid a bank.

My next post will likely be from Cambodia as internet access more than triples out in the sticks in Laos. But can I keep myself away for that long.

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