Nov 072006

At least thats what it feels like. I was meant to collect my passport tonight with Vietnamese and Cambodian visas in it, however its delayed by a day because of holidays so I’m here for another night. Oh well, could be worse as this place is so chilling…maybe too much for me! Some people speak about feeling guilty when they don’t do anything if long term travelling – sod that! I love it!

Today was a late start though as I dragged (well, didn’t really have to) Jane to the Vietnam Bar last night. As we arrived we were told the place was closed as the police had been round, but after asking nicely we were served by the ‘barman’. Due to the circumstances there were only 6 of us in it but as I had a Raleigh Reunion going on with Jane, somehow my hand went into my pocket, brought out some cash and I had purchased a couple of small bottles of Thai Whiskey. That on top of the Lao Lao shots and several beers…well you can imagine. At least this time I made it back ok and was dropped off my the beer scooter (aka tuk tuk)…the last time I was in the Vietnam Bar last week I was dropped off somewhere a group of folk were staying, haggled with the tuk tuk driver as he was charging us too much…so he just hand signalled the direction of my accommodation. Here I was stumbling around unfamiliar familiar streets (yes I meant to type that – it was dark, my vision was poor ;->), trying to find the river – the most f*cking obvious thing in the whole town.

I saw a local wandering around so I went to ask him where my guesthouse was. By this time I had already seen another guesthouse I walked past in ‘the book’ (Lonely Planet), however I couldn’t seem to orientate myself. He pointed a few times, spoke to me in Laos. Much laughter and confusion later he signalled me to follow him down a side street, opened a wooden door, and took me around town on the back of his scooter. Although his English managed to point out every guesthouse we went past, he eventually realised I had one, took me to the river, and I navigated to my guesthouse.

I bumped into one of the tuk tuk crowd the following night. Apparently I was dropped off just round the corner and along the road from my guesthouse.

Here’s a cheesy pic of me and Jane in the Vietnam Bar last night.

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