Nov 082006

Jane chilling in l’etranger bookshop while I work out my tie is disappearing :

Jane and I on Phu Si hill, just before sunset :

Well I’ve finally decided to leave Luang Prabang! It’s not easy though. It’s been great hooking up with Jane (ex-Raleigh) here but as usual, it’s always too short. It’s been like having a mate come over and visit. Regular readers (ha, who am I kidding) will know I was keen to try and find out about volunteering with the Red Cross here and Jane is going to do that tomorrow…arrrggg! So I think I’m going to have to hand over the keys to what feels like my new (temporary ) home town to her, and seeth with jealousy over her updates.
Yes I could stay around for another week but I also looked at a calendar today, and as

I thought every time when thinking about a year out – deadlines suck! Need to finish my mini tour to get back to Thailand in mid Dec, and Vietnam in 3 weeks so hardly any time at all! So, sadly it’s time to start moving south to Vang Vieng, Vientiene, and hopefully down through souther Laos and ‘4000 Islands’ to cross into Cambodia…..

Sob, sob…. mind you though – could change plans tonight!!

l’etranger bookshop restaurant – the ultimate chill :

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