Nov 292006

After the excitement of getting to a new place yesterday I couldn’t crash easily so decided to watch a very high quality copy of the film Inside Man until I fell asleep.
Ciara from home met me today in Ho Chi Minh City on her way back from her travels in NZ. I decided to take it easy heading to the airport and add a bit of excitment to it for once I answered ‘Yes’ to the oft repeated phrase ‘Moto Sir?’
No bags on my back for once, I needed to enjoy it. Yes I need to go to the airport. How quick can you do it?’ ‘Oh 20 minutes or less I think’.
This was more than ample time, but I said ‘Yes, fast as you can I’m in a hurry’.

What a ride! We were whizzing in and out of traffic, scooters etc like…well, like whatever weaves in and out of stuff quickly. We got there in 15 after cutting up sidestreets, across petrol stations etc.

I decided not to get a moto back – a bit harsh an introduction on your first day in Asia maybe. It was funny watching Ciara’s reaction of the hustle and bustle of Asian cities, this one being a cracking example. I realise how used I’ve got to life out here, handing out ‘advice’ here there and everywhere…. no, don’t stop when they honk, no don’t run across the road, do any of them you’ll be hit – walk across slowly and you’ll be fine (makes it sounds worse than it is, but there are just so many scooters around!).

We went to a couple of markets, but no live skinned frogs, turtles, fried cockroaches or anything at these ones so an easy intro.

Tomorrow we’re binning he tunnels and the war museums to cycle to the outskirts of a city and visit a family and have something to eat after visiting the markets, then I’ll start to head North through the country on Friday.

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