Oct 252006

Having ran out of gas on the Thai/Myanmar border, tomorrow it’s time for me to hit Laos. I hope to catch a bus at stupid AM, catch the boat across the river, then spend 2 days cruising down to Luang Prabang to hook up with my sister. I wanted to head north but timing dictates otherwise for the moment. I fancied the speedboat option and doing it in a day, but there was the matter of warnings about accidents, death and capsizing by hitting logs etc…..

More soon….. time to step back in time a little bit after sitting on my arse online for much of today. I moved my flight to Aus from mid December, but the first one I could get was 6th Frickin’ February…..so that’s me in Asia til then! Bummer ;->

(actually it is a bit for my ‘planning’ but hey ho…now 5 or so weeks in Aus, 7-8 in NZ from mid March, then 5 weeks to whistle stop if from Japan to South Korea through China for my Bangkok flight home…if it happens like that!)

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