Oct 202006

More Myanmar stories will come when I have a moment. I’m off down to check out the Chiang Rai night market and break my slave to technology mantra. It’s a lot more chilled out here than Chiang Mai.Myanmar stories to follow…. the sleepy 8 hour boat journey to Bagan, the 1000’sof stupas there, all to […]

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Oct 202006

As soon as the boat stopped at Bagan, we knew we were in for a bit of R&R here. Despite the landing area (note, not a pier, a landing area) having a couple of motorised modes of transport for the more plush hotels, it was just a collection of shacks selling stuff, and a load […]

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Oct 192006

As we were pretty much surrounded by waterin Mandalay, we didn’t stay around for long, leaving there after only one full day. We took the 8 hour boat trip south to Bagan to see the stupas and temples there, which Lonely Planet compared to Angkor Watt. The journey was pertty uneventful, and you were often […]

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Oct 182006

We bought bus tickets to Mandalay, against the travel agent’s advice. It was all going well until we got to the outskirts and woke up to grade 1 currents running under our bus. It was quite depressing to see as whole communities had washed away, all heading towards the main road. The floods in some […]

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Oct 152006

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to access the internet in Myanmar, from a few select places, on dial up. So far we’ve done a whistle stop tour – one night in Yangon, an 18 hour bus trip to Mandalay for a night, then an 8hr boat trip to spend one day in Bagan. […]

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Oct 112006

Yesterday I got my Myanmar visa with no glitches, and no queuing, so fly there in a couple of hours to meet Tracy. I got back to the hotel yesterday to go for a relaxing swim, but the daily storm passed through for the next 6 hours. I’ve never quite seen a lightning storm quite […]

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Oct 092006

Just a quick welcome to my recent ‘readers’ from Spain and Ghana! I’m guessing the Ghana crowd are from Raleigh so I hope your expedition is going well and you are enjoying it as much as I did!

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Oct 082006
Perhentian Kecil pictures

Here’s a selection of pics from the Perhentian islands (apologies for the formatting!). Me on the Long Beach : A deserted Long Beach : View from Mohsin chalets : You transfer from the ‘big’ boats to one of these to get you to the islands : How clear (and warm) is this water? Painting Perhentian […]

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