Oct 112006

Yesterday I got my Myanmar visa with no glitches, and no queuing, so fly there in a couple of hours to meet Tracy.

I got back to the hotel yesterday to go for a relaxing swim, but the daily storm passed through for the next 6 hours. I’ve never quite seen a lightning storm quite so big before – you could feel the flashes of lightning, followed by the cracks of thunder just milliseconds later. The road outside had at least a foot of water on it, and the hotel foyer had to be pumped out, with sandbags protecting it. Some poor soul in the restaurant missed her flight to Sri Lanka as it took hours to get across town, then all the taxi stopped running. Still, at least it gave me time to pick her brains on Myanmar as she lived there the last two years, and it now looks like I have done some research.

I’ll be out of touch with the electronic world until at least the 22nd, then I fly up ot Chiang Rai on myown to venture over to Laos, and hopefully meet my sister within a week of that.

This week should be a great adventure. I just hope I have enough dollars as you can’t get cash there.

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