Oct 232006

More monks than tourists, more water than I’ve ever seen (some people call them floods), more like a 1950’s film set than a country, the most blatent locals’s versus foreigners travel pricing I’ve seen, the hardest travelling I’ve done yet (we opted not to fly except once) and the friendliest people in South East Asia.

Some pics in the meantime – text to follow – been sitting in this cafe for too long and I can’t be bothered buying another coffee! Pictures alone (especially these ones, don’t do the place justice) :

A traditional ‘canoeist’ on Inle Lake. These guys row with their legs (and not only when tourists are looking!) :

A young girl who sold me a bracelet made of watermelon seeds (currently loosing a seed a day!) with her traditional make up on :

A traditional fisherman on Inle Lake :
Friendly monks commuting on Inle Lake :

Our stop off for our rented pickup. With only 2 gallons of rations a day, they are forced to buy on the black market at twice the price :

The flood that caused us to rent the pickup – two stuck trucks, but amazing what they’ll do to get ice (not the contents of the pickup – ice blocks!) :

Anyone for a ‘chee root’? Local cigarettes with tobacco in leaves :

Despite what the guidebooks say you can get your digital memory cards copied onto CD here. Erm, I chose not to… :
Great lighting at 7am at our roadside stop between Bagan and Inle Lake :
Locals crossing the teak bridge at Mandalay:

A scene through the walls in Bagan :
Me hanging off the back of a local pickup as we left the bus to wait for the stuck trucks to be cleared.

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