Oct 012006

You see, flying sucks really. Yes it’s quick, but around here, the bus is often quicker. Airlines (and your back) just aren’t geared for having a multi sport holiday in tropical climates…you know, the ones that as soon as you move your little toe, you’ve lost 2 stone in sweat…and that’s without a backpack on. Air Asia is great, but 15kg? Are they taking the piss? When are airlines going to start flying with a ‘total weight’ allowance. I mean, medical conditions aside, there’s a lot heavier people getting on those flights that me…..

At the end of the day, the easiest way is to have a diving holiday, a climbing holiday, a real holiday, or a trekking holiday. Trying to mix and match them all in one, where the percentage of days spent doing each are so small, makes it hard to justify carrying the gear. That is, until I walk out some beach hut, and lift the mask and snorkel out my bag without having to try and hire one.

Rant over.

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