Oct 202006

More Myanmar stories will come when I have a moment. I’m off down to check out the Chiang Rai night market and break my slave to technology mantra. It’s a lot more chilled out here than Chiang Mai.
Myanmar stories to follow…. the sleepy 8 hour boat journey to Bagan, the 1000’sof stupas there, all to ourselves. Getting pissed with the locals (cheap Rum again – like the Perhentians!) and a free Myanmar language class. Bus to Inle Lake – Darren follows more floods as earthquakes hit Chiang Rai (my next destination)…two trucks stuck, only pickups getting through, and 7 travellers with a shitload of Kyats in their wallets….paid out only to get to our destination in ‘locals-style’ in the dark…to our……da da daaaa….flooded hotel. Inle Lake chills and boat trips. Israeli politics discussions in Yangon, and more exotic stories………….

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