Sep 182006

It was a fantastic day’s diving today, managing to squeeze in four dives. Two dives were on Mabul island, including a night dive, and we did two dives at Sipadan. There was an amazing amount to see including umpteen turtles, cuttle fish, thousands of other fish I had no idea what they were, and also several white tipped sharks. At one of the dive sights (imaginatively called Barracuda Point) we amanged to witness an amazing formation of thousands of barracuda creating a tornado formation about us before swimming away. It was quite a site with a bunch of divers having around so they would approach us, rather than scaring them off, but it was fantastic to see them in formation. On my last dive, my fins were also bitten by a trigger fish when surfacing which was a bit unsettling at first, then quite amusing.

The night dive was pretty special as well with us seeing several large turtles elegantly coasting along, and again some of them were massive. It’s something pretty special to be swimming alongside them, lit up by torchlight. We also saw a number of crabs that looked as though the coral was growing on them (although I’m sure it wasn’t), a miniature octopus, and loads more I can’t remember. Mabul is famous for it’s macro life, so lots of tiny things were pointed to us by the divemaster.

Borneo Divers have it pretty sorted here – a relaxed dive resort with pool (and bar) and a nice little beach bar open later on. The food is great as well which is just what you need. It’s taken a bit of time for the folk I’m with to adjust to other people carrying our bags for us, but it’s bloody brilliant at the same time.

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