Sep 222006

Well that’s the loose plan. The second phase of my non-Raleigh adventure starts Monday as I plan to leave my ‘home’ that is Kota Kinabalu to take the ferry to Labuan (still Malaysia) off the coast of Brunei, spend a night or two there, then a couple of days in Brunei before flying up to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday. This will give me a few nights there before meeting my mate. Of course, the only thing I’ve booked is my flight from, Brunei – not the ferries or anything…hey one step at a time!!

Unfortunatly it doesn’t look like the wreck dives will happen in Labuan as hoped – probably a good thing for the ‘budget’ but not so good for the experiences. There’s a distinct lack of cheap accommodation in both those places so I’m fighting the urge to go upmarket in one of them….guess I need to buy a new camera sometime!

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