Sep 222006

Well still no new pictures as I don’t have my laptop online. I’ve been back in KK saying yet more goodbyes, often to the same people. I’m now the only Raleigh staff in the hostel so it’s starting to change a bit, with several flying to KL and Cambodia tomorrow.

I spent today and yesterday doing my PADI Rescue Diver course, and will finish it off tomorrow or the next day. I’m trying to make some plans for next week but failing miserably. I thought I’d head to Brunei just to see what it’s like, and get the ferry from KK via Labuan to see some of these amazing wrecks that all the tourism promotions go on, and on, and on about…..but it seems it’s quite difficult to sort out a trip – a google search doesn’t give me any details, the tourism board doesn’t give me any dive schools, and the agent in KK says hardly anyone goes there now, despite teh tourism board still pumping out information about it. I then tried to find out cheap accommodation there and ran into another stumbling block.

Hey ho I may just take the chance, but it looks like the diving is out. It also looks like the dive operators have started to wrap up in the Perhentians already which is a bit of a pain as I am heading there on 3rd October….

It’s strange to know I’ll be leaving KK next week. When I came back here from Sipadan I didn’t want to make the trip as I wanted to move on elsewhere, however now I’m here it’s great having a place I know my way around, and I look at all the Orang-putees (dodgy spelling, but basically white folk) and wander what they’re doing in ‘my town’.

I’ll be in KL by the end of next week, meanwhile I ‘m off to try and sort out some luggage I have to send home…..! Maybe a night out with a staffer who is back in town tonight, but it depends if I hear from him or not – maybe tomorrow instead….

Oh yeh, and I saw a massive stonefish today (just after one had to be moved from the beach area), and a blue spotted stingray today…luckily I didn’t tease it like some other famous folk recently…

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