Sep 052006

Had a fantastic day off yesterday and did two dives as mentioned earlier. Sulu Reef by Sulu Island, and Mid Reef by Manukan Island. Although not spectacular dives in the grand scheme of things they were by far the best I’ve done here so far, and the second one had a small wreck of a trawler type boat. There were loads of fish around here and we saw a sea snake of some kind, a cuttle fish (or whatever it’s called), large stonefish and quite a bit more that I don’t know the names of.

Anyway, today and tomorrow is finishing off the slideshow and prepping some images for the final wash-up as I’ve been asked to go up Mount Kinabalu again as they are a mountain leader short. It’s no big deal to do it again, but I do hate paths like the one at the start up until the overnight rest point. It will also mean I’m a bit more hurried as I’ll come back from there and straight to the wash up, venturers party and staff party. Looking forward to the staff party as we’ve found out it’s at the Gayana Resort – check it out – very nice water villa style accommodation. Better buy that snorkelling gear….

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