Sep 062006

Popped out last night and got my hands on a copy of the new Sabah Tourism’s Sabah Magazine last night. On the back page was a Raleigh article written by our resident PR Officer, and 6 of my pictures were accompanying the article on the back and contents pages! Unfortunately my name wasn’t credited but it was great to see them in print.

This Sabah map on Sabah Tourism’s website it pretty reasonable and by the end of this month I’ll have travelled to most corners of it.

Well some stresses and strains are coming out as everyone is starting to get ready in the head for the end of expedition. Just as I was about to pack my bag for Mount Kinabalu, I returned to field base with the end of expedition magazine (looks good) and the CD’s. The magazine is great and it’s brilliant seeing even more of my images (and some others) in full colour print. Unfortunately I proudly popped the CD into the tray of the deputy expedition leader’s PC, only to find out the wrong CD contents had been burned!! Arrrggg. Luckily it was through no fault of our own, but there was definitely some smoothing over as to not upset the supplier too much.

Oh well, got some more stuff to do, and as usual, a later than normal bedtime before Mt K, as I know I’ll be up at 2am tomorrow night to summit in the dark to see the sunrise up there again.

My blogging will be quiet as we then roll into the end of expedition parties. Oh yeh, I also slid down some of that slippery slope I mentioned a few blogs ago, and walked out a dive shop today with a mask and snorkel…it’s maybe only a matter of temptation before I buy the fins, but I’m fighting it hard as they’d be a pain in the arse to carry around the world! The hire ones are pretty abysmal though, and it looks like I’ll be doing the rescue diver course before leaving Sabah.

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