Sep 282006

Well I did only have two days in Brunei…some would say it’s enough, but with a 24kg backpack (yes, I need to send some home) you can’t just go wandering around in the danger that you may see something you’ll buy. It was another day of ‘me’ time, not leaving the hotel until almost lunchtime. I knew that at 1pm I’d be able to go and see the mosque, after the prayer sessions lasted, I mean I wasn’t here on Thursday….

Only it is Thursday. I only realised that after waiting around in the baking sun for 45 mins to let them pray. I then sauntered up to the mosque, re-read the visitors notice, then realised….it was Thursday.

Totally lost track of days, so the one sight everyone would say to see in Brunei…well, it was all closed up to non-muslims, so it had to be killing some time in coffee bean, then off to the airport to head to KL.

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