Sep 242006

Well it feels like I’ve been writing this all the time – ‘last night in KK’, ‘moving on soon’,’my own phase 2′ and all that crap. But as long as I can get my bombsite of a hostel room in a better state tomorrow and post a couple of boxes home, I should be on the ferry to Labuan tomorrow lunchtime, and Brunei a day or so later. After a few failed emails, a quick handphone call (thats what they call mobiles here) to Brunei and I do believe I may have a room booked in one of the very rare cheap accommodation places in Brunei.

I finished my Rescue Diver course today and it was weird saying bye to the crowd at Borneo Divers. They’ve been so good to everyone on the expedition and getting us all through so many courses, and the head honcho is so interested in the expedition work (ok, I’ve bigged him up as he liked my end of expedition slideshow ;->).

Anyway, it’s on a sad note to leave Kota Kinabalu. A few days ago I was flying here from Tawau (where you fly to Mabul / Sipadan) and I didn’t want to come back here, but after four months it starts to mean a bit more I guess. Sabah rocks as a destination….KK is like any big city (although if I came here for a weekend I’d think it was sh!t) but around it there is so much to do, and you can anything here from fancy hotels to the lively filipino market and their amazing peanut pancake thingies you get there.

Last night I was so pleased I had only spent two pounds all day and thought I had got into ‘travellers mode’…then I bumped into someone and blitzed 25 quid on beers at the fancy bars.

I ended my time here well though – I bumped into a tour guide from another country who just landed and went out for beers and food with him talking about travels, Sabah, the differences and how to relate to people back home (in a non-wanky way), gave him a whistle stop tour of KK so he can pretend he knows the place in a few weeks, and then he threw the whole night on his expenses. If Nod, Rich, Phil, Jane or Jade reads this I made sure I ended it the way I started it…. at BB Cafe like my first night here…

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