Sep 162006

The last couple of days have been very hectic as we are all preparing to leave field base at ridiculous o’clock to fly to Tawau, then get the boat to Sipadan for three days of diving. I never even found time to sort out my luggage so when I come back to KK next week for the dive course, I’ll be doing that in the evenings!

One of the in-country staff, Mia, left to travel today so it was a last night out with her yesterday (there’s some of my pics and a mention in her blog). All the staff that are left in KK made a return visit to Cafe Tutu at the Shangri La for a slap up buffet on seafood night. We then move to town to a salsa club, then Bed nightclub in KK watching a Malaysian trio of Spice Girl wannabees inbetween the music. We tried to stay on after they had put the chairs up and were brushing the floor but it didn’t work….

This morning some of us were up at 545 to help with a fundraiser for a local stroke group, but I didn’t make it until later on. In a few moments I’m off for the final ‘do’ which is for independence day celebrations at Likas Stadium in town, with VIP invites from the Ministry of Youth and Sport. Although everyone is extremely tired, it could be in interesting event with fireworks etc…unfortunately for the last few hours we’ve been subjected to some of the worst rainstorms there’s been since our arrival……

I think everyone is ready for the end of the trip now and it’ll be superb to get a few days on the island outside the Raleigh ‘bubble’.

It’s been a complete blast, and if any of you on the expedition read this, thanks for all the fantastic times and memories, and hopefully we’ll be able to keep in touch afterwards.

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