Sep 292006

Arrived in KL last night to a really chilled out hostel…that was until the club next door kicked off. I need to send a shedload more back home to the UK due to my excess baggage on Air Asia almost doubling the cost of my flight from Brunei to KL.

I’m going to have a hard time in KL…. I walked off the airport bus last night and it felt like a new world had opened up – a big city again!!

I had a few drinks with Mia this afternoon, then saw her and Kev off to Singapore. The hard thing about KL? There is just too much to buy…knock off goods, clothes, electronics stuff coming out of your ear, and a shed load of stuff to see on the city outskirts (of which I’ll probably see none, but hey, who cares).

Malaysia….truly Asia? I think so. There’s pretty much everything here you want to, and you’re only a short hop on to anywhere else in the region.

My rose tinted glasses may come off soon…I sure it’s just another London…just a hell of a lot nicer things around, and far more better things to buy.

Does anyone want to employ an IT drop out here? Anything that is mobile, internet oriented, and preferably invloves not too long hours gratefully considered….

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