Sep 292006

Arrived in KL last night to a really chilled out hostel…that was until the club next door kicked off. I need to send a shedload more back home to the UK due to my excess baggage on Air Asia almost doubling the cost of my flight from Brunei to KL. I’m going to have a […]

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Sep 282006

Well I did only have two days in Brunei…some would say it’s enough, but with a 24kg backpack (yes, I need to send some home) you can’t just go wandering around in the danger that you may see something you’ll buy. It was another day of ‘me’ time, not leaving the hotel until almost lunchtime. […]

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Sep 272006

Yup, the place is awash with cash, although it’s not in your face, you just know it. The good thing is it’s not that expensive a place to live in for a day or so. Museums are free, and you just haggle with the boatmen before you go for a tour. I had an early […]

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Sep 252006

Well I’m now sitting in Labuan wandering WTF I’m doing here. You see I posted a load of stuff home this morning as I figured I wouldn’t need it til NZ. I then realised I still had my trekking poles, and my bag was way too ridiculously heavy. In my quest to do something different […]

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Sep 242006

Well it feels like I’ve been writing this all the time – ‘last night in KK’, ‘moving on soon’,’my own phase 2′ and all that crap. But as long as I can get my bombsite of a hostel room in a better state tomorrow and post a couple of boxes home, I should be on […]

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