Aug 242006

There’s been loads of articles published, largely due to our ever efficient PRO Kate. This article in The Star is about the gravity water feed system in Kampong Linapasan I was on for 10 days at the start of the month. There’s another article about the Opening Ceremony in The Star with more general coverage of Raleigh. I’m trying to work out if the picture online is mine or not, but it’s probably just that the photographer was crouching next to me.

I’ve decided I’m slowly starting to show signs of being a ‘traveller’ although I’m nowhere near being a real one (yet?). The following are only the first signs :

  • I cringe when the shop bill gets close to 30 RM (under a fiver)
  • I am wearing a friendship band (rapidly pleated from camping twine!) on my wrist given by one participant at Danum Valley, and I have another one in my pocket, but I haven’t got round to burning the ends of the cord yet.
  • I leave the town centre of KK and go back to fieldbase as I’ll only spend money on things I don’t need.
  • I’ve only got a couple of travel dates planned (although I do have flights)

Over the next few days I’ll post a no-holds barred account of what it’s like to be a Raleigh International Expedition Photographer (come Project Manager, come Admin person, come Logistics person, come Medic etc etc – you don’t think you apply for one role and stick to that role do you? That’s half the fun!). It’ll sound manic (it is) but it’s all great fun, and highly recommended.

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