Aug 232006

I was about to say nothing much to report again – I went for a two pound haircut this morning then continued sifting through pictures again. Being in the office is driving us all a bit mental. Raleigh fever has hit bad – I’ve got a habit of loosing everything that I’ve put in a safe place – which was usually my hands five minutes earlier. Today I topped it all, after looking for my toiletries bag (for 4 days) in my pile of stuff lying around my bed in ‘Stigs Dump’ (yes that’s what we call one of the ‘boys’ rooms) I found it…. Hanging up in a safe place – in the bloody bathroom. This scenario can be played back on things like USB pen drives, sunglasses, wallets and anything else I leave in ‘safe places’.

The main news today is several of us have booked a dive trip to Sipadan Island after the end of the expedition. Like being at the top of Mount Kinabalu, this was one of the moments that got me bouncing around the office with joy….that topped with the fact that I have started to make plans for October. I say plans, but it’s only the initial destination – everything else will hopefully just fall into place at the time, after a few days on Perhentian Islands, just the way I like it. It’s a bit like my trip to Sipadan – I’ve only booked a one way ticket to Tawau from KK just now as I can’t decide whether, or how, to head up to the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and Turtle Islands National Park, head back to KK, do a dive course, visit my sister in Manila, or head to Peninsular Malaysia…and the best thing? It doesn’t bloody matter, they’re all good. Good ol’ AirAsia – 12UKP flights around Sabah and peninsular Malaysia, 20 UKP to Philippines.

I must be impressed at that as I’ve just spend 90 minutes pissing about on their website trying to book flights for folk. While I was typing this post I got an email in so I’ve now also booked a flight from KL to Kota Bahru…..but I’ve no idea how I’m getting to KL yet. Ahhh, the joys…

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