Aug 232006

Was just killing time browsing around about photography when I stumbled upon this article about an IPTC image tags mishap by Lothian and Borders police during the G8 summit – a word of caution for learning photographers in there!!

I also discovered that Olympus are about to launch a 10MP consumer camera featuring an image stabalisation feature for 330 UKP in October! Bummer because I bought a Canon A540 before I headed on my travels and it’s shit – usual story, in a rush, needed a half decent manual compact camera that I could get a waterproof casing for. The flash takes bloody ages to, well…flash in that time of need. To add insult to injury, the little box of metal is 100 UKP cheaper over here. Actually it’s not too bad a camera, but that feature is very annoying. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Or wishing I had just said ‘bugger the manual features’ and bought one of the dinky little IXUS’s.

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