Aug 212006

I’ve not had much of a chance to put my own pictures online so here’s other staff member’s pictures. If you are back from expedition and reading this, please let me know your links and I’ll add them to here for others to see. http://www.james-sheader.fotopic.net (the first four pics at the moment are from Linapasan, […]

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Aug 212006

Well it’s the first normal day in field base, and all the usual office traits are back… I’ve become addicted to Nescafe 3-in-1 after being introduced to the little sachets of coffee,’milk’ and sugar since being in Linapasan (thanks Emma!) – far more convenient when living in the wilds, where you can’t get milk anyway. […]

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Aug 172006

I’m now back at field base – only been back for a day but it feels like an age. I am pleased to say I’ve had a whole host of experiences in the last few weeks though which I’ll just skim over at the moment. I’ve been to several project sites throughout the state of […]

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Aug 102006

I’m sitting in Lahad Datu on the east coast of Borneo. We’ve just driven along 250km of road lined with Oil Palm trees, and that’s only a snapshot of the industry. When you get to any viewpoint, all you can see is oil palm plantations as far as the eye can see.I’ve just spent a […]

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