Aug 222006

Pretty uninteresting news today. I’ve been sifting thousands of photos of mine (and others) to select them for the 06E Expedition Magazine. Eventually they were ready and I popped into the city centre to pop it into the printers. It all went super smoothly, but I guess we’ll find out on Thursday or Friday when we head back to see the proofs!

I hooked my laptop up to the net in the coffee bean, and it’s been 71 days since the poor thing has had an internet connection! I did try and get some photos online, but gave up and got a taxi back home.

Last night several staff went to a slap up meal and night of celebration. We were in the Shangri-La’s Cafe TATU for a slap up buffet meal, and that’s certainly a way to describe it. I’ve never seen such a great selection of food in buffet eat as much as you like stye before. From sushi to curry to pasta to seafood, it was all there, including a counter where you selected your food, and stir fry ingredients, and had it cooked in front of you. As we were there early and had the local connections for the compulsory discount, the meal only cost 8.50 UKP, and another 4 UKP for drinks. I even managed to have a lovely pudding of mixed ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and ‘hundreds and thousands’, with jelly, sweeties, and a bit of pineapple to make me feel better. The drinks still flowed afterwards, despite a plate of seafood, followed by a plate of stir fry, and a curry before the dessert. Despite seeing the first cheese board since I arrived, I couldn’t manage to force it down me, or the bread and butter pudding. The drinks afterwards cost more than the meal and drinks at Cafe TUTU!

With this, and eating a full buffet Sunday roast, I’ve been eating a bit too well since arriving back at field base…but it’s not a normal week as there are a few celebrations going on.

I’ve also got my deep dive and navigation dive booked for Friday to complete my Advanced PADI in preparation for booking the Sipadan trip tomorrow. I’m spending way too much – get me back to the jungle!

The rest of the week will be more pictures, and more pictures, and I’ll be starting to research my October travel plans – maybe consisting of Myanmar, Cambodia, and whatever else takes my fancy (or not). I’ll be hooking up with my mate Tracy I met in Whistler many moons ago. At this rate, we’ve got so much in mind, but both so in a ‘let’s not plan too much’ mode, it could be quite interesting.

Like a typical day on projects, I think I’ve got no news, but I guess I’m doing ok…..

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