Aug 292006

I managed to take some time out today. I was all relaxed, finished my book during breakfast and was all ready to order a taxi to the ferry terminal. I then made the mistake of walking into the office and had 10 minutes of stress after walking into a discussion about a photo exhibition in 3 days time, that appeared from nowhere… after snapping at people for a while we came to the conclusion it wasn’t worth it, then I went and called a cab.
I went to the ferry terminal to get the inter-island ferry to Sapi Island and arrived just in time for the last place on the boat. The expensive ferries leave from Sutera Harbour, but then you’re paying what I refer to as the ‘Sutera tax’ – it’s a lovely resort hotel, but it’s cheaper to get the ferry from the town centre at Jesselton Point. This is the area I was trying to take photos of several weeks ago, and there’s been a huge difference in the area, and going to look pretty smart by the end of the refurbishments. If you take a cab here though just ask for the ferry terminal.
I was a total tourist though and ended up at Manukan Island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park… I was on the boat waiting for it to dock at the Sapi jetty, then it pulled away. I was on my way to Manukan. What I didn’t realise, is the boat stops for long enough for people to walk off the front, but doesn’t actually dock.
Anyway, Manukan was nice, and if you asked me yesterday, this is where I was originally plannig to go. For 51RM (seven pounds) I had my return ticket, park entry fees, and a mask and snorkel for the day.
I had a great hours snorkelling, a bit of reading, and before I was ready for it waws on the boat back to KK. The snorkelling wasn’t the best in the world, but it was really relaxing and there was plenty to see, as shown by the pictures.
When I arrived on the island I took a 1.5km walk along a path to ‘sunset point. It would have been absolute comedy to be walking behind me. Despite spending the best part of 3-4 weeks in jungle terrain, the dry leaves on and around the path amplified every sound you heard in the surrounding overgrowth. There were so many small lizards around, yet every time I heard something scuttle through the leaves, my heart rate shot and and I occassionaly jumped. The dryness of the leaves makes every noise sound like it’s something huge moving around. I didn’t feel quite so much of a woose when I saw that two of them were around 4 foot long monitor lizards crossing the path with feet of me. To give you an idea of what they look like, over the last two weeks we’ve had two reports of ‘crocodile’ sitings from project sites over the radio. The next day they ate some humble pie… ‘erm, it was a monitor lizard’

I submitted a few pictures of Sabah to a request from an online picture agency, but considering there are hundreds of other submissions I won’t be holding my breath too much.

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