Aug 302006

I finally had a taste of the infamous Durian fruit today. I’ve meant to many times before so the boss took one into the office, and we all had a taste. The smell wasn’t as bad as I expected and the taste of it was……different. Quite a weird texture, but again, not nearly as bad […]

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Aug 242006

There’s been loads of articles published, largely due to our ever efficient PRO Kate. This article in The Star is about the gravity water feed system in Kampong Linapasan I was on for 10 days at the start of the month. There’s another article about the Opening Ceremony in The Star with more general coverage […]

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Aug 232006

Was just killing time browsing around about photography when I stumbled upon this article about an IPTC image tags mishap by Lothian and Borders police during the G8 summit – a word of caution for learning photographers in there!! I also discovered that Olympus are about to launch a 10MP consumer camera featuring an image […]

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Aug 232006

I was about to say nothing much to report again – I went for a two pound haircut this morning then continued sifting through pictures again. Being in the office is driving us all a bit mental. Raleigh fever has hit bad – I’ve got a habit of loosing everything that I’ve put in a […]

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Aug 222006

Well I’ve finally uploaded some pictures for you to view at the Wandering Scotsman Gallery (I’ll fix that URL name soonish!). All these pictures are ones of me, so a bit self indulgent, but it will give you a taster of what I’ve been up to, and what kind of environment I’ve been living in. […]

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