Jul 192006

Early tomorrow I’m boarding the Nui Luck Express (sounds scarily close to Nae Luck Express!) for two hours to Tambunan to meet the trekking group I was on Mamutik Island with. From there we move on to start a week long trek along the Salt Trail of the Crocker Range. (the link provides a couple of sample pictures).
This trail was used in the past to carry supplied from remote villages to Tambunan and between villages. In 7 days I’ll be gearing up to head up Mount Kinabalu over a 2 day period, hopefully getting to the top to witness a beautiful sunrise…hopefully! From there it’s back to changeover between phases, where the participants will be swapped around and some of the project managers will move projects, participants swap gossip, and enjoy the joys of a swimming pool and beach, and everyone has a bloody good shower.
After that I’ll be heading to Linapasan to join a project starting a new gravity water feed system for a community. When the loop vehicle passes the project mid phase I’ll join the Land Rover for some mad offroading between sites, and hopefully get to visit Imbak Canyon before I get dropped in Danum Valley. We may have some Ministers joining part of the loop as they should be visiting the project in Danum. After a few days I’ll head back from Lahad Datu to Kota Kinabalu on the wonderfully cheap FlyAsianXpress, all for less than six pounds.
Once back from there it’s going to be mad as it’ll be the start of the last expedition phase with CDs, tshirts and exhibitions to organise.
I’m knackered just thinking about it. Catch you in a few weeks!

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