Jul 162006

Yesterday I went out on the initial visit of the loop (resupply) vehicle to a community project in Kampong Panaitan near Kota Marudu in northern Borneo, just over 2 hours north of Kota Kinabalu. The project site is right next to the local school, and the team lives on the school grounds. Within minutes of sitting down and supping a cup of tea, a few of the local community came over and asked if they could sit with us. A couple of minutes later, a few more girls, armed with a guitar joined us and an impromptu music session ocurred, including the guitar being played by one of the project team. Fifteen minutes later, there were around thirty kids, and a couple of their parents, sitting around a circle outside the school singing their hearts out, while the guys mainly played volleyball with some Raleigh staff and participants.
It was fantastic, and exactly what I wanted from a community site visit. We were really lucky to get this reception as there is normal no-one around the school on a Saturday. I think the reception we got was partially due to most of the team going to the church ceremony in the morning, where some of the kids had been singing. After about two hours, the team decided they had done their bit and departed to do other tasks…
As usual, the kids were super camera friendly, and they all had big smiles on, escpecially the young girls. This lasted for around 90 minutes, and for all that time I had my MP3 player sneakily recording the musical madness in the middle of the group while I became very snap happy. Back to field base now though for a few days in the office unfortunately. The pictures uploaded are from today – in order : The Raleigh Land Rover stopping for lunch at a stall, participant Lisa with a local, a few of the locals singing, a few of me, and the evening entertainment, just before a game of The Weakest Link.

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