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I had my first picture published in a newspaper on Wednesday! After the press attending the opening ceremony for the 06E Malaysia, there were a couple of articles in the press about Raleigh’s work. My picture of a local staff member was published in the and my picture of one of the local staff was published in the New Sabah Times, a local newspaper for the district. Hey, it’s a start!
I’ve spent the last couple of days on Mamutik Island off the coast of Kota Kinabalu with one of the groups. I was trying to take pictures for a local tourism magazine, but came back a bit disappointed after the first time out with my underwater kit. Still, I got five dives in two days, only one of which was a boat dive. Most of them were quite uneventful watching others doing their PADI Open Water skills, but still great to get underwater. The guys at Borneo Divers were very helpful as Raleigh do all their diving through them. I had a sneaky chat about potentially doing the Divemaster qualification after the expedition, but that’s a thought for the moment.

The island was very relaxing despite being busy. I set up a hammock away from the group tarp, so I was inches from the sand, and looked out over the sea towards the lights of KK, with Mount Kinabalu in the background. When sitting on the beach at night there were loads of tiny crabs went scooting all over the place until you moved to scare them away. I wasn’t lucky enough to see a monitor lizard or anything though. At high tide the water was only a few feet from my hammock. I left the group this afternoon, but will rejoin them to trek the Crocker Range and Mount Kinabalu next week.

he images in this post are the beach that was my front garden as I stepped out my hammock..which was nice. The second one is the view across the 20 minute boat trip to Kota Kinabalu, with Mt Kinabalu in the background…again the view from my hammock, with the sundown view next. My hammock is then pictured. This will be my bed for 7 days when I head out trekking, moving it each night, and in most of the other sites I head to. There’s a few scuba pictures, and to finish it off, the local kid who lives on Mamutik who has a habit of trying to whip you with leaves like you were getting the belt in school.

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