Jul 172006

Yes it’s not quite the hardship posting I expected while I’m at field base. Malaysia is definitely the most luxurious Raleigh destination…surely! The couple of pics uploaded today are from my few hours out at Sutera Marine and Country Club as mentioned in a previous post. This is the view to the islands of Mamutik, Gaya and Sapi (I think) from the poolside, and the reception area. The other pics are of the tough eating regime we have to go through – fresh grouper fish with rice and chicken wings. Bummer.
Last night we did our first ‘Radio Raleigh’ broadcast to all the project groups over the HF radio. Most groups tuned in to updates on news, sport, entertainment and a fictional story, with the odd musical interlude of classics such as ‘Macho Men’ decicated to the trekkers.
It was a relatively easy day today writing the next issue of the ‘Sabah Sun’, our internal newsletter for participants which is distributed at handover, and radio duty. The radio was busy today as we have some small storms are coming over project sites, so plans for the resupply vehicle were being watched as the radio, telephone and satellite phone reports were coming in thick and fast. Absolutely run of the mill stuff there though so no great shakes to be made.

Only a couple of days left then I’m out of field base until around 14th or 16th of August. Luckily the budget airlines such as Fly Asian Express are here as well so I can get a flight back early from close to a project site for 35 Ringgits (around 6 pounds including tax for a 55 minute flight. I hope to make it to Imbak Canyon in a few weeks which will be great. The BBC just finished a documentary here, and hardly anyone gets into the area at the moment (only around 200 so far) – apparently there is a huge waiting list and can cost up to 1000 Ringgits to get in. We have some Ministers going to visit the site next week but I’ll be trekking then. High rivers can prevent access like it probably will tomorrow, so fingers crossed for the next few weeks.

Also, where’s my post! I’ve only got 1 letter, 2 cards, and 2 small parcels which were great to get. I often see the mail coming through for everyone else, so come on, retrieve that old email from me, and send me some post. If I’m out and about I should get it delivered on the loop vehicle. If you don’t send it within the next few weeks I won’t be here anymore (how time flies!).

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