Jul 112006

Just a quick post tonight as its been a day in the office sorting out some images. I have scuba gear confirmed for tomorrow so it’s off to take some underwater pictures of one of the teams doing their PADI on Mamutik Island. I’m going to spend the night there on a hammock which will be brilliant (if I can avoid the mossies!)…apparently you can hear things crawling from the sea on to the shore during the night. I’m just hoping the weather holds out. After than I’m up to spend a day and night at a community site where they are building a kindergarten which should be superb. After a couple of days back at field base I’m off to trek across the Crocker Range for several days, then a trek up Mount Kinabalu.
I’ve uploaded some pictures from jungle training – one participant who as appropriately asking for help cooker her Quaker Oats (a quick thanks to one of ourt sponsors!), my office (note the Land Rovers in the back!), the schedule at training camp, a host country participant enjoying her guitar, me walking out the jungle at 6am so I can rush back to field base, and me in the jungle the day before. I won’t apologise for the formatting as I’m doing it in a rush (as usual!).

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