Jul 292006

Well I survived a trek over the Crocker Range National Park, and a trop up Mount Kinabalu. Both were superb. We had more time free on the trek than I thought – we were finished by lunchtime or early afternoon which was great. We managed to go swimming in rivers, wash there, try to buy […]

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Jul 162006
Panaitan Community Sing-a-long

Yesterday I went out on the initial visit of the loop (resupply) vehicle to a community project in Kampong Panaitan near Kota Marudu in northern Borneo, just over 2 hours north of Kota Kinabalu. The project site is right next to the local school, and the team lives on the school grounds. Within minutes of […]

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Jul 142006

I had a hard day today…well not exactly. I took advantage of a rare few hours off, and went down to the Sutera Harbour Marina Golf & Country Club where we’ve blagged a bit of a deal for day’s off. I spent a good few hours just chilling out with my book, my (so far […]

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Jul 112006
A Day In The Office

Just a quick post tonight as its been a day in the office sorting out some images. I have scuba gear confirmed for tomorrow so it’s off to take some underwater pictures of one of the teams doing their PADI on Mamutik Island. I’m going to spend the night there on a hammock which will […]

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