Jun 162006

I finally made it to Asia. I was determined to be more organised than my sister when she comes home priot to scooting off to her next teaching posting…..well I failed miserably I think. Unfortunately the rush of sorting the flat, the stress of having too many toys in my bag (Underwater camera, flash, compact camera, DSLR and lenses….) kind of took the joy out of leaving. Rushed goodbyes, many goodbyes missed, and leaving loads of crap for my mum to deal with!

But after just making my Edinburgh check-in, I had 1hr 45 mins to make my connection. The flight left Edinburgh 70 mins late. Amazingly both my bag and I managed to cross over to Terminal 4 at Heathrow in time.

Anyway, I’m in Singapore. I’m knackered, despite mucho kip on the flight, but what the f*** am I doing sitting online in the hostel, I’ve gotto go and explore.

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