Jun 162006

Well I survived the first night in Singapore. This place rocks. I could maybe work here in some later life. Despite being a wee island in SE Asia there’s so much to do here…rock climbing, mountain biking, night safaris, cable cars to islands…but I walked twe blocks to the pub (despite passing many on the way…are they really so bad you can’t see inside any of them?) So Asian, but so western at the same time….hmm…maybe thats not so good. Survived a few drinkies at the local ’57 Chevys’… spent 10 mins thinking I was fleeced on the $5 cheap beers, but then two sets of change arrived (hey I was thirsty after a long flight!). The live music consisted of such classics as ‘You to Me Are Everything’, ‘Acradababra’, ‘Word Up!’ by Cameo, ‘Happy Birthday to Ya’ and others. By the way, British Airways rocks too…despite the amazing cheap carriers, they moved me to the front of the plane on arrival so I could catch my connection in Heathrow. Try cheap n cheerful Sleasyjet doing that! Anyway, I had to come ‘home’ to my Hostel tonight…you see my pants were hanging off my arse as the elastic had blown. I was going to leave these behind, the wonderful 3/4 length troos….hey I’m only going to be trek leading, who said you had to check your kit out before hauling it half way around the world. I did use my initiative and stopped pulling the elastic out, and walked back to retrive the catch from the pavement.
I realised I was 7km from the city centre, but despite what they say, everyone is smoking in public and throwing butt ends away. I haven’t had the balls to spit on the pavement yet to see what happens…. Shit, maybe I should have eaten tonight…

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