Jun 282006

Well the tables may be turned on me soon…a few of us have been invited to attend a Sabah Tourism photo shoot to potentially be models for posters to be distributed in tourism brochures around Asia!! Better put on my best clothes…. bit of a long blog entry tonight…
Anyway, it’s all turned very busy in the run up to the participants coming out next week. My diary is absolutely jam packed, but then so is all the other staff members!
Blog updates will definitely be few and far between from the middle of next week as we are all off to jungle camp with the participants, taking pics, training them up and doing all the briefings we have covered.
I’ve also started the internal newsletter to be handed out next week.
The following week I’m split between field base and the diving part of the adventure phase to get some pics of staff and participants on Mamutik island (can’t find a decent site, but check the Mamutik pictures here) doing their PADI qualification. I’ll leave them early so I can go for an overnight trip to a Kampong (village) close to Kota Mirudu to view a community project building a gravtiy water feed system. Then I’m back to field base doing some catch up while the team are trail building on the Crocker Range, then joining them for the trek along the Crocker Range. To end phase 1, I’ll spend a couple of days doing Mount Kinabalu which stops rising at 4095 metres. I’m really looking forward to this as you start off during the night and then get up to the summit for sunrise…I just hope it’s bloody good weather. Pictures of the mountain remind me of Skye back home in Scotland, but instead of walking through four different seasons in a day, you walk through four different ecosystems through jungles and rainforests, but still end up on the top bloody freezing.
After that I’m back to play catch up for a couple of days during changeover, then I’m deploying with another team to another community project which I think is building a kindergarten. After a few days I’ll be picked up by the loop vehicle, and go through some horrendous off-road journey hopefully to Imbak Canyon (where’s there’s only been a couple of hundred folk in), but that will depend on the height of the river, then over to Danum Valley Conservation area for five days. I may get the bus back to a town and fly back from here to get back to field base early.
Between myself and Kate, the PR Officer, we should get pretty good coverage of the projects, but it will mean a horrendous amount of work to get ready for a slideshow and photo comp, and souvenir CD and postcards!!

A couple of us managed to get out for some shopping in KK tonight…it was the usual Asian mall where you walk into some sh!thole looking building that looks like it’s a carpark full of cr@p shops…then all of a sudden the place opens up into some mega shopping mall (but still full of really cheap, but cr@p thirts!). Apparently there are 8 of these being built at the moment in the area.

Anyway, radio duty tomorrow…..bed beckons me! No time to proof read this!

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