Jun 272006

My flat is rented!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaah. Yup, no more flat renting worries from today as a deposit is down, and I don’t have to keep comparing my mortgage payments to the number of ‘weeks in Asia’ it costs me!
After a hectic time post jungle camp, all project managers are now out on project recce’s double checking the site, the community, transport and medical facilities available. There was a real buzz about field base as everyone was sussing out kit orders, accommodation (even if it may be a hammock!), and transport.
My first proper photography part was played taking staff photos while helping out with other stuff. A few of us still managed to pop out for a bit later on, after having a meditation session with one of the staff members. There’s even morning yoga some days.
It’s all far quieter around field base tonight as everyone has shifted around Sabah….except the radio!! Now that everyone’s out and about, the speakers are on in field base, and listened to 24×7…unfortunately that also means getting piped into the office during the day….but it’ a lifeline if it hits the fan.

Another excitement today was I had my first photo shoot to do!! Not quite a professional one….and to be honest I never knew what I was taking them for…. it turned out it was the Sabah Ports revamp of Kota Kinabalu ferry terminal!! I didn’t really enjoy it a I was trying to do it in a hurry, didn’t really know what kind of shots were required, and couldn’t get decent shots of the islands due to the haze….but hey, I did get driven around by a beautiful young Malay (who trashed me at pool while the footy was on in the pub lat night) and got treated to lunch, so can’t complain!! A few lessons learned for the next time though…like don’t go out with scabby mossie bites and a trashed old tshirt when trying to look like a pro!…or was that meant to be remember how important the weather was?! To be fair I was expecting a phone call before I went out, but didn’t get any notice. I’d love to head out again when I have more time to see if I could improve them and be a bit more imaginative as to be honest, I was really hacked off how cr@p my shots were! Unfortunately the shots of the more photogenic Filipino glue sniffers and their mates who run the older boats aren’t required…..
Anyway, it’s 10pm and I’m still sitting in the field base office…desipte this real work seems a gazillion miles away!! I haven’t much joy trying to connect my laptop to the network here but will try again tomorrow to get some pics uploaded (everyone expects me to know everything about PC’s here!..luckily the ‘virus’ this morning was just a disabled network card…..).

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