Jun 032006

Monday was a bit of a recover from the weekend day, but I did make it into STA Travel to find out more about flights. I got the most superb ticket reserved with an intinery from the UK to Singapore to Sydney to Auckland to Fiji to Tokyo then back to Bangkok…I was just about to book it when the supervisor came over to answer a query and it turns out the “Dreamtime Plus” ticket the consultant just made me up was exactly that – a dream….his routing was not possible with the ticket. After a bit of playing around we got a ticket that got in most of the destinations, and put it on hold.

The rest of my week was spent doing my full Direct Access motorbike licence. It’s weird going away as it makes you realise all the stuff you haven’t got round to doing. This all started out doing my basic training so I could go on a bike tour at Hidden Cambodia in…would you beleive, Cambodia. My mate recommended this to me last year…however the bug bit and I had booked the full licence. Nothing like cramming some more stuff into my time, and making it harder for me to book flights etc and all that important stuff. Anyway, I’m glad to say I passed, almost with a clean sheet. Riding back into Edinburgh without the instructor’s voice in my ear on the radio made it all come true – the freedom of the bike was almost like my new freedom – all I had between me and Borneo was a mad rush of deciding what I was taking, and arranging it all.

Thursday night even got me putting my car on autotrader – a very sad moment as I’d rather store it for a year as it’s all bought and paid for, but it’s not really practical!

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