Jun 042006

I managed to make a few phone calls to Trailfinders in Glasgow who I always completely trust with my flights – so helpful, never rushed, and they seem to have access to flights that other’s don’t have (e.g. my Kuwait airlines trip last year Kuwait-Bangkok-Manila and back for £550!) and for decent prices. I’ve had a couple of last minute calls from a friend who hopes to be in Asia after my Raleigh expedition, and my sister hopes to be holidaying there too at the end of October so I made some tweaks to try and accommodate these if they happen. After going through the flights I wanted, Trailfinders had me reserved on similar flights to STA Travel, yet at £200 less. On Friday I called up and finally, less than two weeks prior to departure, booked and paid for my seats. So for a mere £848.60 I have a return trip to Australia…with some nice twists in the middle.

In English…
Thursday 14th is D(eparture)-Day out to Singapore.
After a couple of nights there I’ll cross the causeway to catch my AirAsia flight from Johor Bahru in Malaysia to Kota Kinabalu in Borneo.
The expedition lasts til Mid September then I’ll kick around Asia, and maybe head down to Bali until flying to Sydney in mid December to spend Christmas in Australia. At the end of January I head over to Auckland for a couple of months in New Zealand. I hope to get up to Fiji around this time as well.
At the end of March I fly back to Sydney then on to Tokyo. Somehow from there I’ll make my way overland hopefully by ferry to South Korea, then a ferry to China, and down through China and Vietnam to Bangkok for my flight home next June (if it happens 😉 )

Half of me still kinda wishes I had just booked a one way to Malaysia and sorted out tickets using discount carriers and flights from Bangkok….
You can get flights from Singapore to Darwin for £150 return and apparently that’s nowhere near the cheapest they are sold for!….maybe the next time!!

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